Floor Lamp

Floor Lamp

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Abanson - Metal Floor Lamp

The added functionality of this floor lamp was smartly designed to shine light where you need it mos..

$79.00 $192.99

Amadell - Floor Lamp

Elevate your decor with the polished look of modern design. This floor lamp delivers a sleek black p..

$139.00 $365.99

Anemoon - Metal Floor Lamp

Up your style with this floor lamp that takes a charmingly unique stance on lighting. Simply turn th..

$109.00 $288.99

Bernadate - Poly Floor Lamp

With its whitewash finish, this floor lamp is full of character and style. Its detailed knob design ..

$159.00 $403.99

Emmie - Metal Floor Lamp

With this floor lamp, stand-up style is a no brainer with its goldtone metal and glass shades. Varyi..

$159.00 $403.99

Idalia - Acrylic Floor Lamp

Take a stance for ultra-modern style with this tripod floor lamp. Those who appreciate the art of mi..

$144.00 $270.99

Jaak - Metal Floor Lamp

Add an urban mood to your decor with this metal floor lamp. Bronze-tone metal finish adds sleek deta..

$159.00 $403.99

Joaquin - Crystal Floor Lamp

Have a ball beautifying your space with this designer floor lamp. If you’re looking for a clean, ult..

$79.00 $211.99

Makeika - Metal Floor Lamp

Dare to bare with this illuminating floor lamp. Modern industrial style in a whole new light, this f..

$99.00 $249.99

Maovesa - Metal Arc Lamp

This floor lamp impresses with its industrial design. The long arc, bronze finish and metal shades a..

$219.00 $577.99

Marike - Metal Arc Lamp

Reach for high design with this lamp. The black finished metal and marble of this lamp add an elegan..

$209.00 $538.99

Marilee - Metal Floor Lamp

See light through a modern-day lens with this floor lamp. Antiqued brass-tone finish has the warm, e..

$99.00 $249.99

Marinel - Metal Floor Lamp

Don’t let lighting throw you for a loop. The beautiful curve of this lamp will add the right contour..

$99.00 $249.99

Nolden - Metal Floor Lamp

For urban sophistication, add this floor lamp to your space. A bronze-tone finish and metal shade he..

$109.00 $269.99

Sharde - Metal Arc Lamp

Dark corner? Multiple seating areas? Multi-talented floor lamp divides and conquers the way you can ..

$249.00 $654.99

Sheriel - Metal Arc Lamp

With arm and neck adjustability and the bright idea for a dimmer switch on the post, this striking t..

$259.00 $673.99

Shianne - Metal Tray Lamp

This metal tray lamp seamlessly integrates tabletop and dual rack space with an overhead lamp, putti..

$109.00 $288.99

Taliya - Metal Arc Lamp

Why settle for ordinary? Feel free to bend the rules with this metal arc floor lamp. Equally sculptu..

$229.00 $596.99

Winter - Metal Arc Lamp

Have a ball bringing highly contemporary style to a space with this 5-light floor lamp. Crystal-like..

$239.00 $615.99

Winter - Metal Floor Lamp

This uniquely striking floor lamp showcases the beauty of transparency. A high-gloss chrome-tone can..

$149.00 $384.99